Monday Night Raw 1/10/11

We start tonight's Raw with a tag team tittle match. Santino and Kozlov vs Before we can find out who they are fighting Nexus comes out and destroys them. No Tag team title match tonight. Punk has something to say. Nexus is stronger. Punks said he put Cena out.  Cena will be talking tonight but he expects him to retire. Punk and each member of Nexus will have to pass their initiation and become the new nexus. Michael McGillicutty is first. He must be the recipient of a Nexus beat down. They take their turns hitting their moves on him. Punk even hits the GTS. I guess Mike is in. The first member of New Nexus. They carry him out unconscious. Interesting first segment. Nexus will be the story tonight.

Up next R Truth vs Alberto Del Rio. I am really big on Alberto. He grows on me each time I watch him. Tonight they will also announce  the first inductee into this years Hall of Fame. During the match, the two are fighting outside the ring and flirting with a count-out. Alberto's ring announcer distracts R Truth buy yelling in his ear. Alberto gets back in the ring and wins via count out.. After the match his gets in the ring and rips on the crowd and America. I love how his ring announcer sells a punch for so long. Alberto tells Riccardo to sing for him even though he is hurt. He sings terribly.

Back from break Cole tells King to apologize to the Miz.. Then an interruption from the GM. He supports Cole in every way. He fake rips him but goes on to praise Cole. The King interrupts him and calls him a coward. then he slams the notebook close. The GM re-interrups. Tonight Randy Orton and the king vs Miz and Alex Riley.

Nexus backstage.  McGillicutty is in. Husky up next. He has to take three lashes from everyone with a belt...with his shirt off. When it is CM Punk's turn, he lays into him good. Hitting him 8 times.

Daniel Bryan and Mark Henry vs Ted DiBiosi and Tyson Kidd. It seems they are starting to get behing the tag division. They are putting on a "ok" match. Henry hits the Worlds Strongest slam on Kidd for the win. I am sure hoping business picks up soon. Hasn't been terrible is what I will say for it though.

Big Show is coming out now. He is from Smackdown, so I am not sure why he is here. 1. Wade Barrett. He is upset with him and will knock him out Friday. 2. He is in the Royal rumble and will win. Nexus interrupts. Otunga goes to the ring and goes and the big show. He slaps him. The big show then tears him apart. Otunga is getting destroyed and Nexus just watches. Choke Slam and then a knock-out punch.  Up next Morrison vs Sheamus.

Before the match they show highlights from last weeks match between Miz and Morrison. I really did enjoy that match last week. This is s slower paced match as Sheamus is in control early on. Every time Morrison tries something Sheamus counters. Like Morrison going for Star Ship Pain right there and Sheamus pushing him off the rope. going to break. .. After break, Sheamus still in control.He is beating Morrison from pillar to post. Now Morrison is in control. I am starting to believe a bit, until Sheamus turns it around again . He has Morrison in the corner for a Super-plex. Morrison counters into a turnbuckle chin breaker or something. He gets the win. Best match of the night so far. I am liking this push Morrison is getting.

Nexus again. Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater must beat each other with Kendo sticks.They don't want to do it. They threaten go go after Punk.. He closes his eyes and says do it. They drop their sticks and walk away. Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater are out of Nexus. Up next the next member of the Hall of Fame.

The King in the Ring to introduce the next Hall of Fame member.  Shawn Michaels. They show a good recap of his career. I remember his whole career. Does this mean i am old now? Out comes Shawn and the crowd goes wild. They are eating this up the Arena is alive. You gotta respect some one that was as good as he was for so long. Then Alberto comes out and tells us who he is. He will be the new Mr Wrestlemania. Sweet Chin Music as Alberto was winking at him. Shawn never said a word. and stole Alberto's Scarf.

Miz and Riley back stage, Miz is upset people are talking about Orton. He is the Champ and he will beat Orton at Royal Rumble. Michael cole is in the ring about to introduce Cena. Punk is on the Titan tron. 50 ft in the air. He asks the crowd if he should jump off they cheer. He isn't going to jump. He has a harness on. Out comes Nexus. CmPunk comes down to the ring to meet them. He doesn't need initiation. He is the leader. Cena comes on the screen and  Punk is the only member of Nexus he hasn't dealt with yet.  Orton said Ass on Raw! Not very PG Next week they will have a match Puck vs Cena.

Mike the Miz and Alex Riley vs The King and Randy Orton. It just occurred to me that i did not see any Divas tonight.  The King starts the match. vs Riley. The Miz tags in but the King turns it around. He is taking it to the Miz. then Riley tags in and is getting beat as well. Orton comes in and picks up the pace. He id dominating  both Miz and Riley.  Now the King is in Beating The Miz. Just as the Miz turns it around they go to break again. weird they are changing their pattern. Back from break and the Miz is taking it to the king. Orton sneaks in RKO Miz is hurt and King only get s a 2 count due to a Riley save. Orton Tags in and is dominant. Orton and the King get the win.

Decent Raw tonight, Nothing to get too work up about as far as I can tell. I'd give it 2.5 out of 4 stars.

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