WEC 51 Results - Donald Cerrone Defeats Jamie Varner in an All Out War

Photo by Tracy Lee via Yahoo Sports

That was amazing. Instead of doing a quick recap I'm just going to copy and paste what I wrote out in a separate window as the fight was going on. That's what I usually do and take my recap from that. This time I'm just going to give you what I wrote straight from it.

Round 1
This is an all out war. Cerrone comes out running to get to Varner. They clinch up and then seperate and Cerrone lands a big knee that rocks Varner. These two are wanting to kill each other. Cerrone gets a solid takedown but can't do anything with it. Both guys have landed some solid shots in the first round. Cerrone was the initial aggressor but he's slowed down since then. Varner gets hit again and he's hurt. Shoots for a leg but can't get it. They slug it out and Varner gets popped again. He lands a big shot on Cerrone and the round ends. WOW.

Round 2
Bonnar tells us that when it went to commercial break, Varner went to bump gloves with Cerrone and Cerrone flipped him off. Varner apparently flipped him off back and these two start the second looking like they want to murder each other. There was actually talk of that before the fight and they are living up to it. Varner lands a solid right hand. He comes in for another and Cerrone slides under and gets the takedown. Immediately to side control for Cerrone then north south position. Great job by Varner to get back to his feet using brute strength. Cerrone is steadily landing with a one two leg kick. Cerrone is doing great to duck under and shoot for the takedown. Varner stuffed one in this round but Cerrone is doing a great job of kicking Varner's legs and softening him up. Varner decides to shoot for the takedown and Cerrone escapes easily. He decides to taunt him by throwing his arms up and the crowd reacts with a big cheer for him. As the round closes, Cerrone walks to his corner with his arms held high in the air and egging on the crowd and Varner walks to his with his head down and his hands on his knees huffing for air.

Round 3
They touch gloves finally to start the third. Varner getting aggressive, pushing forward but he can't get to Cerrone. He ducks under for a takedown but Varner avoids it. Big head kick from Cerrone but Varner ate it without going down. Cerrone shoots in again but Varner avoids. Lazy leg kick from Cerrone and Varner lands a hard shot. Again he lands a big one. Cerrone is taking shots in this third round and still coming forward. Cerrone noticably slower after those shots. Varner comes in again and Cerrone manages to get another takedown. That's a big one for Cerrone. Varner is cut badly and he's bleeding all over the mat. Cerrone passes to half guard and Varner doing everything he can to get up. He gets there with a minute left and it's Cerrone's fight if he can survive. He shoots for a single but Varner stays away from it. The round comes to a close and it's Cerrone who wins. They push each other afterwards but it's a misunderstanding.

All three judges scored the fight 30-27 for Donald Cerrone and that's exactly how it should have been scored. The crowd was firmly in his corner and he delivered. That was a hell of a fight.

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