Ted DiBiase Sr. comes across as a religious charlatan to Richard Warnica of the Edmonton Journal

"The last thing Ted DiBiase ever thought he'd be doing is preaching the word of Jesus Christ." - Clearly a Jake "The Snake" Roberts style con never crossed his mind when he was still wrestling!

Richard Warnica of the Edmonton Journal went to see a sermon by Ted DiBiase Sr. and from the tone of his piece he didn't seem to be impressed, teasing that DiBiase was a religious charlatan and was only in it for the money:

After a long career as a pro-wrestling villain, DiBiase now serves another cause. He travels the world preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. (Although he does weddings and conventions too.)

Between sermons, he sold signed photos -- $10 each, $5 for kids -- and posed with fans, only some of whom seemed to stick around for the Jesus bit. 

Instead he told a mostly stock story of a superstar brought low by drugs, booze and women, then rescued by belief.

Warnica's scepticism probably stemmed from DiBiase's absolutely mindboggling views on Israel and science, and his tall stories about being able to perform miracles:

"There's no rational explanation for why Israel exists except for God"
"If we've been around for six billion years like they want us to believe, there wouldn't be enough surface area on the earth for all the people."

Oh, and also, the Million Dollar Man performs miracles. It's true. He said so himself.

On a mission trip to India, alongside a group from Medicine Hat, DiBiase said he laid hands on orphans born hearing impaired and mute. He prayed and they were healed. But you know, no big deal.

Hilariously, DiBiase had this to say about television evangelists too:

"There's a lot of television evangelists I wouldn't trust as far as I could throw." 

Finally, Warnica was also struck by DiBiase's change in appearance over the years:

The longtime wrestling heel, better known as Ted DiBiase, is softer than he once was. He's chubby even. 
Up close, DiBiase is both bigger and smaller than you'd expect for a professional wrestler. He is not particularly tall -- you'd never mistake him for a basketball player. But his head is gigantic. In fact, it is almost indescribably large, like a boulder with a face. His body is not what it was in his wrestling days. He says he has added about 27 kilograms since he retired.

Hmm, this may have something to do with his change of appearance.

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