Jim Ross Comments on Political Ads, Randy Savage and Sid Possibly Returning to the WWE


Good ol' JR has his latest blog post up. Some interesting tidbits in there including his thoughts on his inclusion in a political ad of one of Linda McMahon's opponents:

Many emailers are sending me the uncreative and "Mickey Mouse' political ad one of Linda McMahon's opponents is airing which shows me getting a low blow...over and over...which is an eye rolling, embarrassingly ridiculous ad. It comes back to the same thing that I have experienced personally and professionally in my life for years and years....its another illustration of the pro wrestling bias that exists in so many forms of our society. 

People who are colored with a pro wrestling brush are more often than not positioned to be one dimensional individuals who cannot successfully function outside the grappling genre. That sounds so ignorant to write but it is sadly true. Most young broadcasters realize this and many have left the biz over the years so that they are better able to get a day job in the mainstream sports world, etc. 

Pro wrestling is show biz...it's entertainment...it's not professional sports and if one doesn't like the presentation of pro wrestling one simply can change their channel and watch a litany of other programs. I don't see the childish, boorish merits of knocking those that are fans or participants of the business especially those POLITICIANS that are being depended upon to make vital decisions regarding public policy and improving our standards of living. 

Yeah, I want those mindless, insecure, professional politicos representing me in Washington. NOT.  In closing  and just to make sure that all understand my disgust with politics in general, particularly dirty politics, those that practice old school, dirt/manure slinging or endorse these ham and egger's who fancy themselves as full time, professional politicians can quite simply kiss my ample, Oklahoma ass.

His thoughts on Savage, Sid and War Games after the jump.

On the recent goings on with former WWE and WCW star Randy Savage:
I do not know any more than most fans about WWE's updated relationship with Randy Savage or what the future holds for WWE/Savage, if any thing. It seems that a marketing arrangement has or is being established and one could always speculate that could eventually morph into more. Yes, Randy Savage is deserving of the WWE HOF and perhaps one day he will be inducted which would be a great moment for his many, loyal fans. Until then, let's just sit back, be patient and wait.

On the rumors floating around that Sid will make his way back to the WWE:

We're getting a great deal of questions regarding Sid returning to WWE. I'm not in the loop nor do I know WWE's plans or Sid's physical status. Does Sid even want to get back on the road to any degree? I have no idea but if I had to make a random guess I would suggest that WWE and Sid will likely never do any thing together in a significant way again. I certainly could be wrong because as I said I don't know WWE's plans other than they are definitely trying to get their roster 'younger.'

The idea of a War Games being brought back for The Nexus:

Is the War Games a concept suited for The Nexus? It certainly might work but it adds yet another steel cage into the PPV equation. Steel cages, in any form, and frequent title changes seem to be over utilized from my personal perspective in general within the biz. Plus, although I like Nexus very much, they all have a long way to go and need significant ring time to hone their skills to a perennial main event level and there is no guarantee that all 7 can or will succeed in such. I do feel that Nexus is the freshest thing to come along in WWE in a good while so I am more than happy as a fan to watch this faction grow and develop and and to  wait and see what happens down the road.

I've badly wanted to see War Games make a comeback in the WWE and Nexus gives them the perfect opportunity to do so. With all of these themed PPV's, War Games could really sell. The upcoming match at Summerslam between Nexus and the team of 7 that Cena put together is now an elimination match so they are on the right track.

As far as Sid goes, he has talked in the past about wanting to go back to the WWE for a final stop before he officially ended his career. He was always very limited in what he could even when he was younger and much healthier. After the brutal leg break he suffered in WCW he's just never been the same. I can't see any reason that the WWE would need to bring him back. He never made a big enough contribution for the WWE to want to bring him back for the purposes of the Hall of Fame or anything like that. Don't expect to see it. Below is a video of Sid talking with Scott Hall about this very subject on Scott Hall's web show "Last Call with Scott Hall". It's actually pretty entertaining stuff, so I encourage you to check out the rest of Hall's videos.

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