Great Moments From Tonights WWE Hall of Fame Inductees


In any post with the Wrestlemania 26 logo, click on the logo to see all of our other related coverage of Wrestlemania 26 and the Wrestlemania Weekend festivities, including the WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and the Wrestlemania Weekend shows held by Ring of Honor and Dragon Gate USA.

With tonight's WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony (airing in part on the USA Network tonight at 11 PM ET, it will be released in full on DVD as part of the Wrestlemania DVD set, but unlike recent years, there will be no stream for what's not shown on USA, so those not in attendance will have to wait awhile unless some videos shot by fan pop up) having one of the more interesting classes in recent years, it seems like a good idea to take this opportunity to post some of their greatest moments.  Since this will be a video-intensive post, please join me after the jump...

  • Antonio Inoki: Here's his infamous match with oddball strongman The Great Antonio, who stops cooperating and gets his ass kicked by Inoki:

  • Ted DiBiase:  One of the greatest angles in wrestling history, and a heck of a match while it lasts, to boot, in his famous challenge for NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair's title on Mid-South Wrestling in late 1985.  DiBiase starts as a heel.  Dick Murdoch, protesting that he didn't get the shot, starts as a babyface.  By the end, things change, and DiBiase bleeds.  A lot.

  • Wendi Richter: As she walked from the locker room before this match, where she was defending the WWF Women's Title, Gorilla Monsoon gave her a new contract and asked her to sign it immediately.  She said she needed to have her lawyer look it over and went to the ring for her match with the Spider, who suddenly looked a lot more like an old woman than Penny Mitchell, who had been using the gimmick,  And then this happened...

  • Maurice "Mad Dog" Vachon: Mad Dog is the good guy.  Blackwell is the bad guy.  They don't like each other.  That's all you need to know to watch this:

  • Gorgeous George: Back in the day, people got news from newsreels that were shown before movies.  In this newsreel clip, Gorgeous George takes on the Masked Marvel at the Seattle Aquatheater in a ring surrounded by water.

  • Stu Hart: Very little footage is available of the Hart family patriarch's career, so let's go with his return to the ring from 1983, where he teamed with his son Bret (accepting the induction tonight) to take on Archie "The Stomper" Gouldie and John "J.R." Foley.

  • Bob Uecker: Take one guess.

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