Monday night raw 12/27/10

We start the show off with John Cena. He does his usual thing, you know jokes, fun and games.  He does reveal that he is upset though. Upset with CM Punk. Saying it must have been when he spilled Punks diet soda. Out comes Punk. He isn't upset about the soda. He is upset that Cena is a fake. Not a man of his word. He didn"t leave like he said he would when he was fired. Cena challenged Punk. Punk said no. He said he would get at him later tonight.

Santino w/ Tamina vs Ted Jr w/ Maryse - Match was over before it started with Santino getting a clean pin over Ted. Ted attacks Santino From behind. Santino still turns things around. Jr's Career is going no where. Backstage Miz and Alex Riley talking about having to win thier matches. Morrison in to add stipulation to his match with Alex Riley. If he wins he will get to name When and how. When as in the date for match and How as in the stipulation.

Morrison vs Alex Riley w/ Miz - Stipulations have been accepted by Gm and match is under way. Miz is playing a good role as a manager, distracting the ref.Decent match so far, back and Forth with Morrison mostly in control,  Morrison goes for a move off the rope but Miz knocks him off. Miz ejected from ringside. Morrison finishes Alex and picked the stipulation. It will be a falls count anywhere match. No word on when but next PPV I guess Royal Rumble.

Miz and Alex Riley in back. Miz reading him the riot act. Cm Punk tell a camera man not to miss a thing. Daniel Bryan w/ Bella twins. In comes Kidd W/ Jackson Andrews. Kidd wants Daniel's belt. Randy Orton interviewed. Wants Miz to beat Morrison so he can beat him for belt. He also said he will end King Sheamus' reign tonight. Wierd all promos in that segment.

Mark Henry vs Tyson Kidd w/ Jackson Andrews. As am sure Tyson is gonna win this. He has been getting a good push since he got a body guard Its a  back and forth for a bit, then Henry wins. I guess the Tyson push is over. After match Andrews get a world strongest slam also.

 Miz with Riley vs The King Jerry Lawler. Miz cuts promo before a match. Nobody compares to him in the WWE. "What what what what what. Shut up!" Nice promo. Gets crowd riled up. Early in the Miz is toying with Lawler. Show-boating and having fun. Lawler turns things around and Mix regroups and then begins dominating again. Every time Lawler tried to come back The Miz shuts him down. Miz is too nonchalant so far, can't be good that this match has been so one way. Out comes Morrison. Miz is now in trouble. Lawler is taking it to  the king. Untill Lawler knocked the miz off the top rope. Hits head on steps. Morrison attacks Miz while he is down and ref ain't looking. King wins via count out. Sheamus and Punk backstage.  CM Punk and him to watch what happens tonight.

Alisia and Melina vs Eve  and Gail Kim. Alicia and Melina win. Natalia comes in to talk to Melina. cat fight breaks out.  Punk is now telling WWE Trainers to be on the look out for what happens to Cena tonight. They better have the EMT's ready.

Zack Rider vs Daniel Bryan joined in progress. Zack is in control  Bryan hit LeBell lock after all we see was 1 or 2 minutes. GM Interruption. He just want to wish everyone well. Miz comes out and destroys the king. Even throws him into steal steps. Skull Crushing Finale.

Randy Orton Vs King Sheamus. Crowd chants for RKO early on but they are pretty quit Not a bad match. about what we have come to expect from the two. coming out from break Sheamus is in control.Not sure if it is just me but this match is dragging on. Can't wait to see what CM Punk has planned.Orton Wins. no surprise here.

Cena calls Punk out because CM punk isn't out there yet. CM Punk comes out. He keeps calling him CM Sucks. Nexus music hits and it seems as though Otunga is leading them.  Nexus is under new management. Offers Cena a truce. Cena rejects. Nexus turns to leave but rush back in ring and take Cena apart. They leave him in the ring and CM Punk comes out while they leave. GTS, Go to sleep Cena. Punk gets chair and sits in it, thinking. didn't hit Cena with it. No he puts on the Nexus armband. Nexus new leader. Punk. Nice.

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