Recent UFC and Strikeforce Fight Announcements


A few more fights have been put together, or rumored, for upcoming cards and we'll take a look at them here. I don't know if it's just me, but every fight seems to be full of importance these days. MMA truly has become kind of a big deal. In we go.

Rich Franklin vs Forrest Griffin at UFC 127
This fight makes the most sense for both of these guys. It also adds to a really loaded card at UFC 127. Right now the main event sits at Vitor Belfort vs Anderson Silva, this would serve as the co-main and Ryan Bader and Jon Jones would be underneath it. That should deliver a really great night of action. Matchup wise, these two are essentially the same fighter. Both have underrated ground skills due largely to the fact that we never see them. They both like to stand and trade, which is what we'll be hoping for come fight night. Franklin is more accurate with his punches but Griffin more than makes up for that in volume. Edge in power probably goes to Franklin but it's not a big enough difference to make a huge difference in the fight. An early look makes me think this will be headed the full 15 minutes. And that won't be a bad thing.

Stefan Struve vs Sean McCorkle at UFC 124
Two really tall fighters matched up together has to be a good thing, right? McCorkle is best known as a keyboard warrior turned UFC fighter who submitted Mark Hunt in the preliminary card opener at UFC 119. Nobody saw him do it but he's done a good job of working the UG and getting his name out there. Struve is coming off an amazing KO victory of Christian Morecraft at UFC 117. He's won three of his last four and is widely regarded as one of the UFC's hot young prospects at Heavyweight. In his two biggest fights though, against Roy Nelson and Junior Dos Santos, he was completely wrecked, getting knocked out in both. I'm not saying McCorkle is on that level, god no, just that I'm not sure what the ceiling is for Struve. Then again, we have no idea how good McCorkle can be. This should be an interesting fight if nothing else, then to see where these two are in their careers.

Shane Carwin vs Roy Nelson at UFC 125
It's not official right now but then again, neither is UFC 125. It's the big rumor going around that this is going to happen and it makes the most sense. Both guys are coming off of losses, Carwin to the Heavyweight champion and Nelson to the number one contender. Shortly after losing to Lesnar, Carwin had to deal with Nelson taking to Twitter, like everyone seems to do these days, and making disparaging remarks about him. So of course, Carwin fired back and we've got a built in story for the fight. That's what's great about Dana White and company. Unlike some other promotions, when two guys are in a perfect situation to fight, the UFC actually has the power to put the fight together. I'm not sure what way I'm leaning. Both guys have power but obviously the edge goes to Carwin in that department. Nelson clearly has the big edge in jiu-jitsu but the question will be, can he get it to the floor? The other question is, will he even want to? He didn't employ the best gameplan against Junior dos Santos but he did show an iron chin, absorbing shot after shot without ever getting close to being knocked out. Carwin is going to face question after question about his complete lack of cardio against Brock. Will he be any better for this fight? Will he need to be? Either way, I greatly look forward to this one.

Robbie Lawler vs Matt Lindland at Strikeforce: Henderson vs Sobral
The Middleweight tournament that we all wanted to see never came to fruition. Nonetheless, we're still getting some good fights between some of the worlds top 185 pound fighters. This fight adds some serious depth to the December 4th card, which Strikeforce really needs to be strong due to going head to head with The Ultimate Fighter 12 Finale on Spike. Lawler has the kind of style that translates well to television and makes for very exciting fights. The problem is, he doesn't have a very big name. Not enough to draw in casual fans and neither does Matt Lindland. Both guys have lost 2 of their last 3 fights and badly need a victory. The Law won his last fight but it was on a Challengers card which is a lot like saying it didn't happen. The last time Lindland fought a guy with as much power in his hands as Lawler, he was knocked out so hard they actually feared for his life. Lawler may not have boxing on the level of Vitor Belfort but it should be enough to get the job done here.

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